Chasm Group Case Studies: Best Practices for Dutch Entrepreneurs

The Oranjewoud Export Academy is a non-profit academy for entrepreneurs founded by entrepreneurs near Heerenveen, the Netherlands. As part of our engagement with Oranjewoud, we are pleased to share stories from Dutch entrepreneurs  on how they applied best practices from Chasm Group’s vast body of work documented in various books by our chairman emeritus, Geoffrey Moore.

The first video shows how Jetzte Botma, former CEO of Kiestra Lab Automation (now owned by Becton Dickinson) decided the right Go-To-Market Strategy for his lab automation system that he and his team co-created with three customers from Denmark, Germany and the UK. His “aha” moment came when he read Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. See for yourself how Jetze and his team applied the concepts for Kiestra.

The second video shows how Gerrit Baarda, co-founder of ZiuZ, leveraged their technology “crown jewels” based on visual intelligence into various winning offers and value propositions to build market leadership positions with law enforcement agencies and pharmacies around the world. Gerrit and his CEO Bert Garlich applied the Four Zones concepts detailed in Moore’s book, Zone to Win, to ensure their company was set up for success.

These videos are meant to inspire entrepreneurs by addressing common issues they and others may face during their scale-up journey. The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles.

We thank Oranjewoud Export Academy for allowing us to share this material. For further information, please contact Peter van der Fluit (